Karavanna Boheme: CD
  • Karavanna Boheme: CD

Karavanna Boheme: CD

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Inspired by a strong "gypsy" influence, this CD, whose title translates as "Bohemian Trailer, includes our unique interpretation of songs from the "gypsy", Bulgarian, Medieval, Persian, Sephardic and Turkish musical cultures as well as original instrumental works.

Track Listing:

  1. Na Maj Shela
  2. Palastinallied
  3. La Pichon
  4. Rusi Kosi Imam
  5. Como La Rosa En La Guerta
  6. Ghomare Zendegi
  7. Sallasana Mendilini
  8. An Den Toren
  9. Keme Merav
  10. Tutti Frutti
  11. El Rey De Francia
  12. Jove Malaj Mome
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