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Wine and Alchemy is an unique, world music project and band, performing original and traditional music derived from a wide variety of historical and cultural genres including: Romani, Greek, Celtic, Medieval French, Medieval Spanish, Sephardic, Balkan, Eastern European, Turkish, Scandinavian and others.


The project consists of a large pool of working musicians from around the United States contributing to specific, cultural and explorative music projects as well as participating in band performances that can range from a dynamic trio to over a dozen onstage players at once. 


Wine and Alchemy has been privileged to work with over 2 dozen talented and inspiring musicians throughout the years. As a collaborative creative project, the band has changed and grown with every member's creative input.


In addition to vocals in several languages, the band performance features a variety of exotic instruments which can include hurdy gurdy, harmonium, violin, saz, Greek bouzouki, accordion, Middle Eastern and African drums, and more, depending on the venue aesthetic and includes World Fusion Belly Dance performance when performing as a 4 piece band or larger.


Wine and Alchemy is available for hire for:

* Music Festivals

* Theater Concerts

* Renaissance & Medieval Faires

* Viking Festivals

* Faerie Festivals

* Belly Dance Events

* Conventions

* Parties

* House Concerts

* Weddings

* Corporate Events


and, in addition to our show, offers:


* Dance Workshops

* Music Workshops

* and Lecture Demonstration Performances for Schools, Universities and Libraries

Please feel free to contact us with any inquiries. 

Posted by Tsara Cigana on Monday, November 17, 2014

We are no longer carrying physical CDs.

All of our recorded music is available as a Digital Download HERE

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We are currently trying to raise money to pay for recording projects we have waiting in the wings. We currently have material for a new: * Wine and Alchemy album - featuring music in performance that we have yet to record * Viking album - the composition of which started with our Scandinavian trip in 2019 * and Celtic piano album

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