Thanks So Much...

to those of you who have made special donations to Wine and Alchemy!
You're generosity is truly touching. And we cannot express our appreciation enough. :-)

Over the Years many folks have been both supportive and generous, and we appreciate the hell out of it. We'd like to give a special shout out to Steve Kossor, Vanessa Tuuletar, George Appling and Brian O'Leary for your unfailing support throughout the years as well as all of you who purchase our music and donate to our art. 

Our Patrons of the Arts:

Albert Baldassarre
Alexander D Secary, Cape Coral, FL
Alexis Turner - Faery Bryn
Amanda Graham
Andrea M. Wille, San Antonio, TX
Andrew Kuhs, Michigan
Andi Scott
Angela Chandler - The Garden Academy 
Ann EJ Miller, De Pere, WI
Ann Fondaw
Becky Hanchin - The Faery Lair
Bill Meyers
Blair Holley
Brian Leveque
Brian O'Leary and George Appling 
- Sherwood Forest Faire
Brian R Tidwell
Carole Logan Carroll
Catherine Carmichael
Cheri Turner
Chris Lawrence

Chris Upton, Northern Virginia - Bagpiper at  ChrisJUpton(at)
Chris Weakley
Cindy Lee
Damon Mahoney - Three of Swords Music
Dan Berry
Dan Levine & Sherri Rhein
, Austin, TX
Dana Wilson
Danny Faught - Green Man Clan
Darren Robinson - Cornua Irae Music 
David Reiland
Deedra Kitchen-Winey
Dennis Nogueira

Diana Zaccaria, Wilmington, North Carolina - Network Community Wellness
Diane Perry
Donna Turner Bruton
Elizabeth Nelson
Elle Ello-Kitty Knight
Elspeth & Christopher Eckert

Erica Hession, Annapolis, MD - Aeri Rose: Faery Clothing and Notions
Erin Thornton
Gary Williamson - Shatter'd Visages
Genna HogginsJaded Alchemy
Geren W. Mortensen Jr., Sykesville, MD -
Glaucia Nalva, Brazil
Grisbane McNabb

Hakan, Pittsburgh, PA - Hakan Dances
Heather DowMarshfield, WI - Jewelled Fairy
Her Majesty, Queen Ilex Aquifolia, Protector of Animals and Mistress of Wild Natural Places - Maryland Faerie Festival
Ian Mc Mahon, Dublin, Ireland 
Jack Jacobsen
Jackie Pierson
Jake Lubbers
, Michigan - Trumpet Performance and Education
James Magerman
Jamie Coward
Jamie Grado
Edmonton, Canada
Jay Sharp, Houston, TX
Jenevieve Lilly
Jennifer Van Gorkom
- Worthy Waites of Whimsey
Jennifer Vess
Jessica Heckman
Jessica Stone
Jewel Grant
Joe "Bouzouki" Rogers
John Vorisek
, Linesville, Pa
Joshua (Doc) Homan, Columbus, OH
Julia Sutterfield McKinney
Kamilla Lange
Kathleen Darling
Ken Magerman

Ken Reinertson
Kelly Pierce
Kim and Ray Kaylor
- Eclectic Intuitions
Konrad TaylorBonham, Texas
Kristina Iodice
Krisztina Clark - Czigany Dance
Lea Benson (Jadi) - Silk Road Conjectures
Linda Finne
Lo Pan

Marjorie A Kessler
Mark and Liz Edwards
Mark Gray, Fort Worth, TX
Marri Brooke Grissom
Melissa Sanchez, Plano, TX
Micah Holcombe, Temple, TX - Bell County 4-H
Michelle Pribbernow, Fayetteville, ARTerra Nova Tribal Bely Dance
Misty and Tom Hammett
Montana Agnieszka Jaro - Tea and the Ghosts
Moria Trent, Columbia, MD
Nadine Borovicka, Huntington, WV
Nicki Smith
Nolie Avitts
Pamela Askey Stocker
Paul & Kilah Brady
Paul Siegmund

Patrick St. Jean, Lewisville, TX - Biker Scum
Pedro j Hernandez
Peter L. DeWolf
Rachael Jackson
Rachel Incantation
Ralph Rondeau
Randall Zimmerman
Rebecca Lanier
Rev. Lizard (Frank) Cordeiro
Rich Guagliardo
and Claude Maggi, Tampan, FL - My Home In Tampa
Rick Worch and Susan Woodard
Robert Byrd - Cap'n Gray Byrd
Roma, Salisbury, MD - Roma: Belly Dance and More
Ron Irwin
Rukesh Patel
- Lallipolaza: a mythic adventure graphic novel
Sam Nash, West Texas - A Play on Swords
Sarah Conkwright
Madrid, Spain - BellyRock
Scott Alex
Scott M. Manson, Carrollton, TX
Sheri Montgomery
Sophia Ravenna
, Tucson, AZ - Sophia Dances
Stacy Bingaman
Stan Morris, Lake Charles, LA
Star and Pooch, Alexandria,
Stephan Johnson
Stephanie Henkel, Plano, TX
Stephanie Sakson
Sue Wojcik
Susie Babich
Tammy Ferguson, Lynchburg, VA
Timothy Ortopan
Tina Jordan
Toni Kerschner McGovern, Hamilton, New Jersey
Tony Abraham
Tracy Dawicki
, Madison, WI  - Jayme Dawicki Music
Trisha Fusco Dennis
Troy and LeAnn Frette
Virginia Angstadt-Duckett
Virginia Parks

the Wickers
William Wallace Wolfe
The Winchester-Redfield Family
Zach Doré