"If music be the food of love, play on; Give me excess of it..."


Roxanne is Wine and Alchemy's founding member, director, producer, primary composer, singer, dancer and harmonium and hurdy gurdy player.

“I have found a truly inspired form of touching lives through music and strive to continue to create and share this art with our many fans and friends around the world. I hope you enjoy our music as much as we have enjoyed bringing it to you. Thank you so much for all your support throughout the years. Your smiles and encouragement are what keep me working so hard to continue making music to share.” - Roxanne Bruscha

Roxanne’s love of music started at a very young age with an early fascination with the piano and a strong desire to sing in the church choir. Since her childhood, her musical interests have evolved in such a way as to help bring you the fusion style you can hear in Wine and Alchemy.
Entertaining audiences throughout the United States as a premiere World Fusion Belly Dancer, Vocalist, and Musician for over a decade, Roxanne dedicated her efforts to the Wine and Alchemy project in December 2007.  

Branching out into her solo project, the music created by both Roxanne and Wine and Alchemy is influenced by many World Music genres.
You can read more about Roxanne's dance and dance offerings on our "Dance" page.


The Musicians of Wine and Alchemy

Wine and Alchemy has been privileged to work with over 2 dozen talented and inspiring musicians throughout the years. As a collaborative creative project, the band has changed and grown with every member's creative input.

Among the many musicians affiliated with Wine and Alchemy are: