Caminho do Vinho: CD
  • Caminho do Vinho: CD
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In May of 2017 Wine and Alchemy (in the incarnation of Roxanne, Erik and Araris) undertook the internationally famed Camino de Santiago. We chose to take the Portuguese Way from Lisbon, walking over 300 miles with our packs and instruments to Santiago in North Western Spain.

We wrote 17 original songs on the trail. This Caminho do Vinho is the culmination of our musical inspirations during our journey.

There are 2 versions of this album. One is just the music (all 17 songs).

The second includes banter, inside jokes and sound clips from along the trail.

(WARNING: the second version with the all the interludes and jokes does include the "F" word.)

Please indicate which version you would prefer in a note to the band.

Caminho do Vinho: a pilgrimage of wine

Song Listing:

  1. L’Hotel Maroc
  2. Road to Santerem Part 1: Hubris on the Azambuja Mud Trails
  3. Road to Santerem Part 2: Imminent Death
  4. Tomar
  5. Rooftop Over Coimbra
  6. Um Cafe
  7. Albergaria
  8. Porto
  9. Whiskey Mountain
  10. Trifling Bitches
  11. Fortaleza
  12. Pontevedra
  13. Celtic Padron
  14. Cerveja
  15. The Witches of Faramello
  16. Ben from Perth
  17. The Heroes Return (Waiting at the Airport)
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